We’ve built a platform to buy and sell Funds.

Welcome to PLAXFUL: Coined from the phrase "A PLace FULl of currency eXchangers".

Taking out all the alphabets in capital and rearranging it, the brand name PLAXFUL is formed.

PLAXFUL is home to assist individuals, companies and vendors or suppliers that at one time or the other needed to make use of digital or foreign currency but only have their local currency at hand.

PLAXFUL is bridging the gap between freelancers, digital currency earners, BDCs, FX traders, SME, individual willing to send local currency to friends and family around the world but only has digital or foreign currency at hand or on various digital wallets.

All transactions taking place are subject to, and in respect to terms and conditions PLAXFUL user agrees to.

PLAXFUL belongs to the people and strictly meant for the people. Technically without the control, interruption or interception of any third party or developers during, before or after individuals mutually agrees to have a deal.

You can check out the TOS and privacy policy for more information as regards your transactions and usage of PLAXFUL.

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3 Steps To Start


Create Your Account

Create a free account within 2 - 3 minutes and verify your account email to join plaxful community.


Fund Wallet & Create Ads

Create a selling ad and remain patient till you attract an exchanger that needs the assets you have at hand


Buy & Sell

Receive notifications for your selling ads. Buy fund from a reliable plaxful community member.