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Bridging the gap between freelancers, digital currency earners, BDCs, FX traders, SME etc

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Why use PLAXFUL?

Instant Exchange

All exchanges processes are flexible and instant.

Safe & Secure

Security is our No 1 priority. Multiple layers of security is deployed and enforced including bank-level encryption, cold storage and SSL, ensuring users can trade with 100% confidence..

Reasonable Fee

Our transaction fees are cheap and helps to control unnecessary charges that could be incurred using the contemporary method of trading or sending and converting of funds

Identity Safety

It's in PLAXFUL code of operation to secure all users identity from being compromised and will not at any time reveal who is who unless otherwise specified. Please read T and C for more information.


Most intervention asides the parties transacting at every point in time are automated and can only be attended to technically by human support if requested and agrees by the parties. Please read T and C for more.

Data Encrypted

All user access and logins are encrypted with most advance world tech encryptions before entering into database therefore cannot be seen or understood by humans except the system itself. Please read the privacy policy.

Ready to get started?

3 Steps To Start


Create Your Account

Create a free account within 2 - 3 minutes and verify your account email to join plaxful community.


Fund Wallet & Create Ads

Create a selling ads and remain patient till you attract an exchanger that needs the assets you have at hand


Buy & Sell

Receive notifications for your selling ads. Buy fund from a reliable plaxful community member.

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You are in Control

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frequently asked questions

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